Monday, July 20

Look what I made

I crocheted this all by myself! It is for baby. We've decided on a name, but I won't say yet just incase I decide to change it once again. Only 5 more weeks!

Welcome to North Carolina

This picture is for you mom. Back to your roots. The people there were...interesting.

We made it and it is so nice. I think we were getting the short end of the stick in Milwaukee. Our apartments here are less than a year old and have a very nice gym, "business center", "internet cafe", pool area, and theater. They even have tons of cookie dough that you can eat. Now I'm sad to be leaving on Friday. It is nicer being bored here than in Milwaukee. Good thing I grew up with a dad who has a deep North Carolina accent or I would never be able to understand what the people were saying here.

Tuesday, July 14

We can't wait to be parents.

Hyrum is going to be the best dad. He has a great example set for him by his dad.
I think baby is running out of room because she moves so much and keeps me up all night. I guess it is great preparation for the years to come.

A friendly french festival

We went to Bastille days in downtown Milwaukee this past weekend....

These men did not know I was taking a picture of them, yet they are posed perfectly.

There were men in skirts.

A guy who claimed his name was Waldo.

Men in belly shirts.

Lonely people on street corners.

Crazy up-do's.

A tourist cowboy from New Zealand.

Boys with their pants half way down and a girl on each arm.

A gentleman who left a brush in his hair. How embarrassing.

Girls holding hands.

Belly dancers. You should see the moves she taught me. My tummy can bounce.

Middle age women rocking out to live French bands.

This Milwaukee place holds some crazy festivities.

Goodbye Milwaukee

Hello Raleigh, North Carolina.
We head there on Thursday. It was a last minute decision on the sales people's part. Talk about inconvenience for a pregnant woman. It's only a 15 hour car ride. And a change of 3 plane tickets that APX may or may not pay for.
And the summer continues.

Friday, July 10

Summer Fest

Milwaukee puts on the biggest music festival in the nation. Although we did not go in, we could see all the bands from the other side of the fence. It was such a beautiful day and I didn't feel like letting my baby be exposed to all that second hand smoke.

Navy Pier in Chicago

We did a lot of walking followed by a night of braxton-hicks.

Thursday, July 9

Happy birthday to my love

For Hyrum's birthday, we woke up early and went to the Harley Davidson museum. Hyrum being surrounded by hundreds of Harleys is equivalent to me being able to go on a Nordstrom shopping spree (won't be happening anytime soon). We spent hours there and it was worth the many dollars spent to get in.
I did get to buy Hyrum presents at the gift shop. I bought me, Hyrum, and baby all matching t-shirts. I love other peoples birthdays where I get gifts too.

This bike was be-dazzled! Hyrum thinks that Sarah would love this bike. She has two be-dazzling machines and likes to dazzle things up. I could see her on this bike.

It was very amusing to watch me try and get on this bike in a dress and an almost 8 month pregnant belly.
This was my favorite bike. It was pink and had a covered side car attached. It would be perfect for me and baby.
The boys.
The wives.
The oldest Harley ever.

Monday, July 6

My Hyrum

For some reason Hyrum thinks it is very funny to surprise me with different hair styles. When I came back from Utah, he had cut his hair into a mullet. I told him to shave this morning and he came out with a mustache. Good thing he is so good looking and can look silly, yet still so attractive.

4th of July

Holidays just aren't the same when you are not with your family. Hyrum had to work until five; who wants a security system put in on a holiday?! But the sales people had a BBQ that they invited all of us to. Hyrum got to play softball and frisbee while Haley and I sat and watched. There were lots of bugs and lots of food. We ended the night by watching fire works that the town put on. It was a much needed day to get to spend time with Hyrum.