Wednesday, March 28

bed head?

Yes that is zoeys hair on this very morning. And she refuses to bathe! Age two is something else.

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Saturday, March 10


Thanks Greg Deakins for the fun photo shoot. My girls are pretty little things.
Darcy's colic is still there. The dr. says I only have about a month or so until it's gone! I'm hanging in there. Darcy still is a sweet sweet baby and sleeps really well. Zoey is as vibrant as ever. Hardly any naps and lots of screaming. Age two is an adventure. 

Thursday, March 1


Miss darcy is growing fast (really she's huge. I must make cream). She is a bit colicky. It seems to be getting better though. When she isn't crying she is the sweetest little thing. Her blue eyes and light skin look nothing like me, hyrum, or zoey. She sure is pretty though. We love her. Zoey loves her (but now won't let her watch tv with her). Hyrum started a new job as an accountant, we are healthy, life is good.

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