Friday, July 25

"A promise is a promise kept."

Sarah, I got your message and I promise I will post more pictures for Haley to see.
Kathi, I promise that I will email you the family picture at the same time.
Now I cannot forget because the next time I get on my blog I will see my own reminder. I have such a short term memory. Love you both!

Saturday, July 12

Hyrum's 23rd Birthday!

Hyrum's birthday was on the ninth. We had a perfect day! I made him pancakes...for the first time. We both had to work all day, but we did get to go out to eat to Tucanos with all of his friends! Happy Birthday Hyrum! I love you!

Friday, July 11

A very hard hike to a hidden lake

Over the forth of July, a group of us went on a very long hike to Pittsburg lake. Lacey and I did very good! We both carried our packs the whole way (I didn't last year), and we were only about fifteen minutes behind the boys. Although, Lacey and I slept in a tent, I am very proud to say I was a true camper.