Sunday, December 27

In need of housing

We need to move. Soon. As in January 1st. If you know anyone who wants to rent out a basement apt/ condo/ house, please let us know. Two adults, one infant. No pets. Very clean. Happy to do yard work.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas

Notice the red and green bin in background; not every girl dreams of a color coded container for holiday decor. I did. And I received. I was so excited to use it that I took down all of my Christmas decorations yesterday and stored them safely in the red and green bin not to be confused with other holiday decorations.

Zoey's big debut

Zoey played baby Jesus in our ward Christmas production. I took about twenty pictures. She did a beautiful job of playing the role of a newborn, fussy baby. I'm a proud mom.

Wednesday, December 2


About once a week I look through my camera to find pictures of Zoey that Hyrum has taken while I am in the shower, or doing my hair, etc. I think it is so cute that Hyrum likes to set her up for pictures. The recent shoot:

A model in the making.