Friday, June 25

Picky little thing

Now we can only get her to sleep by walking around with her in her car seat. I cannot wait for the day when she will finally sleep in a crib with no tricks attached.

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Tuesday, June 22

we will never shower in peace again!

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Sunday, June 20

Happy Father's Day

Happy 30th Father's Day Russell. We love you.

Happy 34th Father's Day Dad. We love you.

And a happy very 1st Father's Day to my love. You are a perfect daddy.

Wednesday, June 16

She stands!

And the little hair she does have is getting lighter. I guess she has to have some characteristic of Hyrum.

Atlanta Aquarium

Trying to get out of the stroller. We ended up carrying her the whole time.

Seen enough "fishies"

Wednesday, June 9

Notice: Same clothes means same day as other posts. Although Hyrum didn't let me bring all of the clothes I wanted to out here, I do not dress in the same shirt multiple days in a row.

If the salesmen hit certain goals during the week, it means dinner on APX. We have been to Texas Road House 2 times already. I never thought I would let my child sit in a high chair and eat pieces of food of a public table. Life goes by too fast to be over worried about sanitation.

Look at this family

I am one lucky wife/mama.


There was a 90 mile long yard sale that went through the town we live in. Christina found out that you could rent a booth and participate down town. She made flowers and Haley and I decided to make baby onesies and baby headbands. We worked hard for two weeks getting everything ready. Haley and I broke even on the day of the sale. BUT, people bought our stuff which means we created a fabulous product.

Coca Cola Factory

Steph brought her new baby boy, Pax (pictured front center in the arms of Christina).

At the end you get to try Cola drinks from all around the world. (An endless supply of Diet Coke, you would have loved it Sarah)
There was a 3d movie that Zoey and I lasted two minutes in. The seats move quite a bit.

That is Eve (pictured above). She is so adorable, and she's newly pregnant.

Thursday, June 3

Hot and sweaty river walk

Some of us girls decided to go on a "river walk" in the heat and humidity peak of the day today. At least that is what it felt like. But, it was fun to get out and exercise!

A couple in our ward here hosted ALL of the APX employees and their wives to a pot luck. It was very enjoyable. (The men haven't warmed up to each other yet as much as us girls have. Maybe before the summer ends we'll get a picture with the salesmen AND the technicians.)

Wednesday, June 2

Rock n' Rhyme Baby Time

Isn't she darling? Zoey gets jealous of her hair and continually wants to pull it.

Zoey and I, along with one of the salesmen's wives (she does have a name, it is Jarelle) and her daughter Peyton attended a baby activity at the library. We missed the rockin' and rhymin' part, but got there just in time for play time. It was free and fun.


She woke up happy :) No more reading parenting books that tell me not to trick my baby into going to sleep. I sometimes put a pillow to resemble myself laying next to her. Moms are full of all sorts of tricks! She is on night three of sleeping (half of the night) in the pack n play.