Monday, October 26

We went hunting

Not really. Kyle, Judy, Zoey, and myself just drove up to meet the boys for dinner.
Neon orange is not a good color on anyone.

Kyle and Zoey, so cute!
Grandpa and Zoey, also so cute!
Real men wear camo.- cousin Steven and brother Ryan
Poor rodent that Hyrum caught. So sad. He let him go.

I still don't understand what men enjoy about hunting. And Hyrum can't understand what I enjoy so much about shopping. Looks like we're even.

Tuesday, October 13

Pumpkin patch

Ok it wasn't a patch, but it was the cutest house on the side of the road selling pumpkins. It is on the main drag in Springville and we passed it on the way to a pumpkin patch, so decided to stop there instead. Hyrum was at school, so Zoey and I decided to wait for dad to buy pumpkins. We were there for a total of five minutes, but it was fun.

A name and a blessing

Zoey was having a bowel movement while taking this picture. I even had waited until the last second to put her into her dress in hopes that no spit up or poo would accessorize it.

She wore the same dress that I was blessed in.

It was a beautiful blessing and a beautiful day.

Friday, October 2

Miss Zoey

Isn't it funny how your baby becomes your best and only friend besides your husband? I love her!

Dear Kathi,

Thank you so much for making my new header. You are so talented, beautiful, and amazing! I love love love it!
Also, I was looking through my computer and found about 20 pictures of your adorable children. I thought you might enjoy some. Love you!