Monday, April 21

Oh Hyrum.

So Hyrum told me maybe I shouldn't post the pictures because then no one will be excited when they get our pictures with the, I'm not going to. But....visit then click on her blog to see some of them...

Thursday, April 17

Engagement Pictures!

We finally got our engagement pictures taken! I will post a few later. Let me know which one you think is "the one". Wedding plans are coming along great...all we have officially offically planned is our honeymoon. Aruba here we come! I guess that's the most important part anyways. We'll be flying out the morning after our wedding and staying for a week in Aruba in a Marriot hotel right on the beach! We couldn't be more excited.
Oh, and Judy is so kind to make all the nieces matching skirts for the reception. They are adorable!
And Kathi is making our video! (Sorry I need to get you some pictures)
I'm so lucky and grateful to be marrying into such a great family!

Friday, April 4

Tons of makeup and two hours later...

Hyrum and Judy came by to watch me get my pictures taken. We don't believe in superstitions so him seeing me in my dress was just fine.