Thursday, May 28

It's times like these you need your mom

I got a root canal this morning. So not fun and very painful. Hyrum has done such a good job taking care of me. But, he still has to work all day. If only my mom could be here to make me feel better while Hyrum is gone. Mom's just have that touch. 

Tuesday, May 26

Happy Birthday Ella

If I could get you anything in the world, I would take you to a princess castle with all of the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with no crust, pink yogurts, yellow and blue yaya's, and hot baba's you could imagine. I miss and love you! Happy 3rd Birthday. I wish I was in Disney Land with you!

Finished product....

Here you go Sarah, I made a train for baby Mattis! It took me hours of painting. And I have a tooth ache. I'm the best aunt Sheshe ever! Love you guys!

Mormon Mom's on the rise

Devin's fiance' Christina came into town so Haley and I took a day off from working at the Pick n' Save. We decided to stop sitting around reading and computering and do some crafts on a budget. We are well on our way to making jam and canning our own fruit. Maybe we'll even have a green bean casserole for dinner tonight. Mormon Mom's can do it all!


On Sunday, Haley and I planned a BBQ for the ward missionaries. It was a success! Everyone left with full tummys and the missionaries found an investigator! Our next door neighbor is a very sweet lady and we invited her with high hopes that the missionaries would talk to her. She has committed to take the first discussion next week.

Thursday, May 21

The Church is so true

This morning we attended a session at the Chicago temple. We had to leave at six in the morning to make it there in  enough time for the boys to be back for their meeting. This is the last week that the temple is renting clothes so we needed to attend for lack of bringing our own clothes. They didn't even charge us for renting, and they held the session until we got ready! The people were so excited to have us there! It is a beautiful temple. How wonderful that you can count on the church and temple procedures to be the same any where you go!
See Whitney and family, I am getting HUGE! 

Like brother, like sister.

"Welcome to the Pick n' Save! Did you find everything ok? Do you have any coupons? Is there anything on the bottom of your cart? Can I scan your savings card?"

Haley and I are the newest employees at the Pick n' Save grocery store! Yesterday we completed our four hour training course sitting in front of a computer the whole time. We start our first shift tomorrow. Wish us luck! 
I'm just following in your foot steps Seth! Love you!

Tuesday, May 19

The days are getting better

Hyrum and Graden are hard at work all day while Haley and I work out, lay out, make brownies, read, blog stalk, clean, and sit without a tv.

Welcome to Milwaukee

This is our condo that we share with Haley and Graden. Ants and caterpillars with a million legs like to dwell here also. 

Thursday, May 14

One forgotten

When I said I had the best two families in the world, I left out an important person, my brother in law Greg. He's great; he offers me a good amount of money to clean up dog doo do around his yard. He sometimes puts dirty diapers in my face. He can make any shake you want and only charge you a day of poopy clean up. If you need a lot in the middle of no where, he's your guy. So here's to you Greg, sorry I forgot you! 

Friday, May 1

Baby Mattis and missing my love

Sarah had a baby boy five weeks ago and he is healthy and growing fast. He weighed 9 lbs. 4 oz. I can't believe something that big came out of someone that small. That is how much I weighed when I was born. Thanks Mom for carrying such a large me.
Hyrum left on Wednesday morning to Milwaukee where we will be spending the summer. He took the camera, computer, car, and most of the cooking utinsels with him. He also took my good nights rest. I thought I would love having the bed all to myself and that is for sure not the case. Only ten more days until I get to move there too. I love and miss you Hyrum. And so does your baby girl. Oh, and Ella tells me everyday that she does too. And Sarah about cries just thinking about you being gone. You are so loved.