Sunday, November 30

Best family ever

These are two of my favorite women in the whole world. My sweet mother in law Judy, and my favorite aunt Barb. I am so lucky to have married into this family! I love them so much!


Me, Sarah, Johanna, and my mom went to see Twighlight on the opening night. It was a good movie, but maybe not worth staying up late to watch. My mom was convinced she was the oldest person there. She has read all the books and thinks they are kind of weird.

Wednesday, November 26

Thanksgiving and Brittany's birthday

We had Thanksgiving a day early this year and mixed it with a birthday dinner for Brittany. And we had a spaghetti dinner instead of the traditional turkey. Happy birthday Britt! Although you may not think it sometimes, we all love you very much!

Monday, November 17


I am so grateful for my family and wish none of them had to suffer through such hard trials. I would take them away from all of you if I could.

Families are forever

Dear Tyler,
I just want you to know that you are missed and still thought about daily. I have read and heard stories about your life, and might I say, you sound like a pretty amazing person. Hyrum looks up to you very much. He wears articles of your clothing often. They have become worn out from all the wear, yet Hyrum feels close to you while wearing them and will not retire them to a recommended memory box. I cannot wait for the day that I finally get to meet my new brother. We love you!

In the middle of my wallowing and self pittying about teaching at an elementary school, I hadn't had the chance to post about Hyrum's brother Tyler. Tyer died 4 years ago last Friday. Hyrum was on his mission.