Sunday, December 19

Christmas Sunday

This is the only picture we took, but Zoey looked like "she came out of a Christmas stocking" said someone in our ward.
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Eating snow

Hyrum gave zoey a.bowl of snow to eat the other day and she loved it. Too bad now we only have rain.
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Wednesday, December 8

Zoey is a very reverent participant during prayer time. Isn't she adorable? We sure think so.
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Friday, December 3

Forgotten Thanksgiving picture

My lovely mother with her daughters.
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Thursday, December 2

I adore this man

He loves Zoey (and mullets).

He loves the gospel.

He loves to watch sports.

He loves to grow beards (total guy thing, I don't really get it.)
He loves his Harley.

He loves his friends.
And he loves me!

He is such a great dad and husband. And he is a total babe.
We enjoyed two very happy Thanksgivings this year. No pictures from Thanksgiving with the Grays, but it was lovely. My favorite aunt Lona and uncle Bill came in town. (If you ever meet her, ask her about the girl with the ribbon around her neck) I am very grateful to have both of our wonderful families close by.
Zoey and Mattis have started to fight with each other.
This is what your family picture may look like if you had two wives. Hyrum only has one (me), Sarah just loves pictures.
Just missing one sister and a brother. 
Favorite Aunt Lona mentioned above. 
One of their fights.
The first course.

Tuesday, November 30


So much fun to be had with this cart.
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Monday, November 29

Auntie linds gave zoey this cute shopping cart. Zoey of course loves to shop, thus she loves this shopping cart. Thanks linds!
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Friday, November 26

Look what I found on daddy's camera! I would never!
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Wednesday, November 17

Long Days

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As of yesterday I am officially finished student teaching. As of yesterday I also started substitute teaching for the other 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Clifford. Mrs. Clifford has become one of my dearest friends. This has been one of the hardest times in my life-- leaving Zoey every. single. day. until at least 5 pm. Mrs. Clifford is the one who got me through it. Thank you Mrs. Clifford.
Hyrum is out of town this week so I am staying at my parents/sister's house in Draper. I came home to the above happy sight: Zoey playing with her cousin Mattis, and her wearing the exact same pajama outfit as me. Like mommy like baby. (Note: I did not wear that pajama outfit to school today. Although, I should wear my pajamas because I come home smelling like an Elementary school student every day. Like wet playground, monkey bar hands. Gross)

Sunday, November 7

There is beauty all around

Steph and I had fun at the park with the babies while the husbands played tennis. This weather has been perfect.
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Wednesday, November 3

I love coming home to sweet moments such as this. Hyrum makes a very good Mr. Mom.
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Monday, October 25

Still bald and still so cute! I haven't been able to spend as much time with Zoey as I would like because of student teaching. I dread going to teach everyday because I have to leave her. Only 17 more days until I am done, but who's counting? I will tell you who, me. And hyrum. And zoey if she could count.
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Friday, October 15

Zoey's future husband

Baby Pax was blessed last Sunday. We are so lucky to have a close group of friends who are in the same stage of life we are in.
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Zoey loves her dad. Hyrum is such a good dad to her!
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Thursday, October 7

Hyrum and zoey have a lot of fun without me while I am teaching. Only one month and I am a college graduate!
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my walking girl

She is so loved.
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Sunday, September 26

I am a dirty dasher!

Sarah talked me into doing a 10k called the dirty dash. We did not train, and we certainly did not know what to expect. The course was equipped with lots of thick, deep mud, black mud that smelled like poop, slippery walls to climb over while being sprayed by a fire fighting power hose, a snow making machine blowing in your face, a giant slide, and more mud. I am very sore. We ran in a last minute team with three very lovely Brazilians.
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Monday, September 20

Ever heard of the governer's gala?

Well I hadn't. APX gave Hyrum some extra ($500 a person) tickets to attend the black tie affair. Thanks APX for the $1000 date night! We enjoyed it.

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Saturday, September 4

A day at the park

Hyrum and I took Zoey to the park to celebrate my last day before school started. I will be gone all day everyday student teaching. After this semester I will finally be a college graduate! Zoey loved the swings and the snowies.
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