Monday, August 31

Bath time

I was too scared to give Zoey a bath, so Sarah took over the job.
Sarah is good, Zoey didn't even cry.

Summer BBQ

The boys talked politics

While the girls sat in Zoey's room

Friday, August 28

1st big outing

Today Zoey and I wanted to get out of the house. And where do Sarah and I spend most of our time? At the mall of course. It was nice to get out, but very stressful. Zoey did great, it was me that was having a hard time. I think we'll wait at least another week before leaving again.

It was so nice to get home to daddy.

Tuesday, August 25

Little miss Zoey June Gray

Born August 24th at 8:53 pm

6 lbs 10 oz

Brown hair and a furry back

Absolutely perfect

Saturday, August 22

So pregnant

My due date is today and still no baby.
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Thursday, August 13

What to do when you are away from your husband for three weeks

Turn your bedroom into a card making craft room

Lay out at aunt Barb's pool

And change your hair style
(Hyrum hasn't seen my new bangs)

Go on fun girls trips to Barb's cabin (I fit right into Hyrum's family, we look like sisters)

Visit the Manti temple

Make fabulous flower clips for baby (thanks for teaching us Bobbi)

Make cute jewelry (thanks to aunt Debbie)

Spend money to decorate the nursery (Sarah suprised me by recovering this chair. I love it!)

More swimming (ok laying out) at Barb's pool

And growing bigger everyday!

I've tried to keep myself busy, but still miss Hyrum more than I thought was ever possible. Baby is due on the 22nd and I'm feeling great still. Good thing because Hyrum claims we are having at least nine more children. I love him.