Tuesday, December 20

Potty training?

We have managed to get her on the toilet, but no discretion of waste has occurred.

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Wednesday, November 23

Having cousins is so fun. Zoey loves to play with mattis.

Happy thanksgiving, tomorrow. I will be enjoying kneaders pies.

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Tuesday, November 15

Mommy smells

This cute girl and her daddy have the flu. I have been covered in throw up all day and I'm on my 4th load of throw up laundry.

And you know what, I couldn't be happier to take care of my family. Now that is true motherhood at its finest. (Really hoping I don't get it though)

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Sunday, November 13

They grow up too fast

I want to cuddle her in my bed for the rest of my life. Some people say co sleeping is unhealthy. I think it's wonderful. She doesn't sleep with us all the time, but when she does I love it. She will only be this little once.

To my zoey june bug, I love you and your night time face.

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Wednesday, November 2

Happy halloween

Hyrum carved that pumpkin just for me! Isn't it cool?

We had a fun halloween taking zoey trick or treating with her friend pax. She got a lot of candy which is now hidden on a shelf.

Halloween is sure a lot more fun with zoey.

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Monday, October 10

Wednesday, October 5

I love this little girl. Shes not a princess, but a diva. She doesn't look as much like her mommy, but more like her dad. She loves spicy cheetos, but not bananas. How am I going to love another little girl this much in a few months time? I've heard my heart will grow.
No good pregnancy pictures to post yet. My boobies and bum have grown two sizes (or so I feel). I never had many cravings until now; cookies and semi sweet chocolate chips and mint chocolate chip icecream and sherbet with sprite and everything else that will aid in a mandatory crash diet when this baby comes. Maybe thats why I feel two sizes bigger.
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Monday, August 29

This little girl loves her daddy

Daddy takes her long boarding, lets her play in the sink, and lets her touch spiders. All she wants now is her dad. She only lets daddy change her diapers, push her in the stroller, give her baths, get her dressed, shut the blinds...etc, etc, etc. I need baby number two to come quick so I have someone to take care of.
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Thursday, August 25

Birthday girl

Miss zoey turned 2! She had a party with lots of {our} friends and family. We had poppy's (grandpa) bbq and lots of treats.
What better way to end a birthday than getting surgery the next morning; so not fun. She got her front teeth removed (she chipped both of them and they got infected) and some extra gum removed. She is not a happy girl right now. But she is still a cute as ever.
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Monday, August 15

New shoes to make up for a bad day

Yesterday zoey chipped her two front teeth. I took her to her first dentist visit and they gave us the dreaded news that the teeth are infected and both need to be extracted. She will then have no front teeth until her two year molars come in and fake teeth are purchased ( for a high, but very worth it price) and put in. It was a very rough day (mainly for me) so we went shoe shopping to recover. Zoey found some very pink princess shoes and refuses to take them off, even to sleep. If I had a new pair of jimmy choos I'd probably sleep in them too.
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Monday, August 8


My bff whitney and zoey's bff sawyer came to stay with us! we miss them already!
And, zoey is back to wanting to ride in a baby car seat rear facing. She is still small enough that she should be, but this pregnant mama can't carry her in it like she wants.
And, uncle tyson came home from his mission and brought zoey this cool hat that she insists on putting on at least once a day. I can't wait until she wants to wear it out..
And, hyrum was supposed to come and visit yesterday. But we fly stand by and dont always get on. Four flights later and a whole day at the airpot, and he is still in dallas. Two more weeks until he is home for good.
And, in the mean time I play with zoey and have been making (rather large) purchases to beautify our home. When daddy is gone a mama will spend to cope.it's only fair.
And, I don't always like to title my posts. But today I think I'll call it "and".

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Thursday, August 4

Another girl

We are so excited to have another baby girl. zoey will be such a good big sister. I'm half way there!
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Friday, July 15

Zoey June

 I have never done an update on Zoey and all of her many accomplishments in her life thus far. So, I thought I would for memories sake.
Where to start....
She is just a little itty bitty thing. She is almost two and only weighs about 22 pounds. That is why her grandpa calls her Peanut.
She is often called a "spit fire child" by those who meet her. She goes and goes and goes and hardly stops talking. We don't know where she got this from since Hyrum and I aren't even as talkative as she is.
I think she is pretty advanced for her age (doesn't every parent think that?), but she really is.
I don't think that her dad loves anything more than her (maybe he loves me the most). They play and play and she loves him more than me I'm sure of it.
She is as tan as I am. She has very good skin if I do say so myself.
She still does not have much hair, and what she has of it is getting lighter everytime we go in the sun. She started out with my color and now it's the exact color of Hyrum's. But, she still looks almost exactly like me.
Fruit snacks are her favorite treat. She calls them "numa numas" and would choose them over cookies even.
She insists on only wearing "pretties" (dresses) and her purple crocs. I didn't know choosing her own outfits would start so early.
She is our world and we love her.

Thursday, June 30

How we spend our hot days in texas

Going to the pool, or if zoey is really good I let her play in the sink!
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Wednesday, June 15

It is going to be hard to leave constant play time, perfect weather, and beautiful sunsuts. 100° here we come.
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Wednesday, June 8

We are having fun in utah
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