Sunday, December 14

"You are the best big brother in the world"

Seth came into town from Hawaii and this is what he did the entire time- played on his computer.
We wish he could come for Christmas. We love you!

O Christmas Tree

Hyrum assembled the Christmas tree, and I got to decorate it.

Monday, December 8

My mom

My mom had a stroke on Halloween. Next week she will have heart surgery to fix the hole in her heart. I love my mom so much. We are allergic to the same things, share the same dark circles under our eyes, have the same personality, have the same olive skin tone, and we even share our shoes (my mom has more shoes than anyone i've ever known. Some shoes are still in boxes-untouched and unworn. Her bad feet make her unable to wear all but two pairs lately). The only thing we don't share is her love of watching sports. Her and Hyrum often watch Jazz games together.

My siblings say she loves me the most...she smiles and says I am her baby.

Sunday, November 30

Best family ever

These are two of my favorite women in the whole world. My sweet mother in law Judy, and my favorite aunt Barb. I am so lucky to have married into this family! I love them so much!


Me, Sarah, Johanna, and my mom went to see Twighlight on the opening night. It was a good movie, but maybe not worth staying up late to watch. My mom was convinced she was the oldest person there. She has read all the books and thinks they are kind of weird.

Wednesday, November 26

Thanksgiving and Brittany's birthday

We had Thanksgiving a day early this year and mixed it with a birthday dinner for Brittany. And we had a spaghetti dinner instead of the traditional turkey. Happy birthday Britt! Although you may not think it sometimes, we all love you very much!

Monday, November 17


I am so grateful for my family and wish none of them had to suffer through such hard trials. I would take them away from all of you if I could.

Families are forever

Dear Tyler,
I just want you to know that you are missed and still thought about daily. I have read and heard stories about your life, and might I say, you sound like a pretty amazing person. Hyrum looks up to you very much. He wears articles of your clothing often. They have become worn out from all the wear, yet Hyrum feels close to you while wearing them and will not retire them to a recommended memory box. I cannot wait for the day that I finally get to meet my new brother. We love you!

In the middle of my wallowing and self pittying about teaching at an elementary school, I hadn't had the chance to post about Hyrum's brother Tyler. Tyer died 4 years ago last Friday. Hyrum was on his mission.

Thursday, October 30

I've been tagged

I never read who tags who, because I'll admit I look through people's pictures and barely skim the print..but, I happened to see that my cute cousin Jessie tagged me!

Crazy Eights
8 TV shows I live to watch:
We don't have cable right now, or ever since we got I don't get to watch TV unless I'm at Sarah's house. So, I only get to watch what she records:
1. The Office
2. The Hills- Hyrum just can't see the beauty and keep you on your toes drama moments in this show
3. If I had ever seen Gossip Girls, I'm sure it would be my all time favorite. I'm going to rent the first season asap.

8 Favorite restaurants:
1. Charlie Boy's Pitt BBQ- I'm eating chili from there right now
2. Bajio
3. Judy's 5 o' clock dinner
Those are the only places I ever eat. Working at Riverwoods really limits your dinner choices.

8 Things that happened yesterday:
1. I was at school for what seemed to be forever
2. Hyrum and I went to the Jazz game
3. I visited my favorite Aunt Barb
4. Dreamed about the basement we are going to live in as soon as it's finished
5. Met with the teacher I will be student teaching for...i'm so nervous
6. Hung out with Whitney- she's my favorite
7. I caught up on loads of laundry
8. I hugged and hugged on Hyrum. I love him.

8 Things I look forward to:
1. Getting off of work and getting to see my Hyrum
2. Living in Sarah's basement with new smells. My kitchen smells old.
3. Getting in shape by running everyday (almost) with Whitney
4. Getting pregnant some day and having the cutest little family
5. Finishing school
6. Hyrum finishing school. No more stressful days of sitting through somewhat pointless classes
7. Christmas
8. Hot chocolate tonight. And maybe playing a little scum.

8 Things I love about fall:
1. It's almost Christmas time
2. Starting new traditions with Hyrum
3. Pumpkin scented candles
4. Motor bike rides up the Alpine loop after it closes
5. Lots of hot chocolate
6. I get to pull out my winter clothes
7. I can decorate for Christmas right after Halloween- just kidding Hyrum won't let me..but I would
8. Spending Thanksgiving with 2 families

8 Things on my wish list: (Hint Hint Hyrum, suprises are always fun.)
1. A finished basement by Thanksgiving
2. Gloves with no fingers (homeless looking gloves..)
3. I could use a new pair of jeans
4. A fabulous black dress
5. A vintage gold locket
6. A cooking class

8 people I tag
1. Whitney- I know you read all of my posts. Add it on your teacher blog, the class will love it!
2. Kathi- I wish I could have come to see you
3. Sarah- It will give you something to post about
4. Aunt Barb- If Jessie didn't tag you already

Saturday, October 25

Hyrum's Mission Reunion was fun..

"Hi this is my wife..." "Oh nice to meet you, and this is my wife..." over and over again.
Topher was Hyrum's mission companion and one of his closest friends.

Just a little reason why I love Hyrum

The other night I came home from work in an emotional state. Hyrum sat and listened to me blubber about work and school and friends and life and being hungry. I said all that I wanted was a home made orange julius. He told me not to come into the kitchen and he would be right back. After ten minutes of the blender going (it does not usually take that long to make it) he comes in with something blended and pink. Orange Julius' are orange. He had added "a little touch" he said. He actually told me he added a raspberry filled powdered doughnut, I wouldn't put it past him. It was good with whatever he put in it. Thanks for being the best husband ever!

Thursday, October 23


Not me!
My sister Sarah is having a baby boy! She's known since the beginning that it would be a boy. We even bought decorations for his room the other day. Little baby Mattise, not sure of spelling, will be here in in a matter of months! Congrats Sarah and Greg and big sister Ella.

Thursday, October 16

I wish I had these

And I work at the store that has them. Oh Odd Molly please lower your prices so I can buy your great clothes.

Sunday, October 12

Addicted to Scum

Sarah is pregnant with baby #2

Me and Hyrum, along with Sarah, Greg, and some of our friends, play scum at least three times a week.

Saturday, October 11

Hyrum and his friends

I have the cutest husband ever.

Saturday, October 4

uploading...uploading...still uploading...

Ok, I barely ever update because it takes about ten minutes for one picture to load on this thing. Any suggestions as to why? Am I uploading wrong or something?

Friends and BBQs

Friday, September 5

Welcome to our blog Seth! I love and miss you!

Hyrum's soft ball league

Hyrum's biggest fan!

Labor day weekend in St. George

Hyrum played in the cubbies with Ella all weekend.
Ella is constantly saying "no she she no!" She calls me she she. This is her caught in the act.