Tuesday, November 30


So much fun to be had with this cart.
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Monday, November 29

Auntie linds gave zoey this cute shopping cart. Zoey of course loves to shop, thus she loves this shopping cart. Thanks linds!
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Friday, November 26

Look what I found on daddy's camera! I would never!
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Wednesday, November 17

Long Days

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As of yesterday I am officially finished student teaching. As of yesterday I also started substitute teaching for the other 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Clifford. Mrs. Clifford has become one of my dearest friends. This has been one of the hardest times in my life-- leaving Zoey every. single. day. until at least 5 pm. Mrs. Clifford is the one who got me through it. Thank you Mrs. Clifford.
Hyrum is out of town this week so I am staying at my parents/sister's house in Draper. I came home to the above happy sight: Zoey playing with her cousin Mattis, and her wearing the exact same pajama outfit as me. Like mommy like baby. (Note: I did not wear that pajama outfit to school today. Although, I should wear my pajamas because I come home smelling like an Elementary school student every day. Like wet playground, monkey bar hands. Gross)

Sunday, November 7

There is beauty all around

Steph and I had fun at the park with the babies while the husbands played tennis. This weather has been perfect.
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Wednesday, November 3

I love coming home to sweet moments such as this. Hyrum makes a very good Mr. Mom.
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