Sunday, September 26

I am a dirty dasher!

Sarah talked me into doing a 10k called the dirty dash. We did not train, and we certainly did not know what to expect. The course was equipped with lots of thick, deep mud, black mud that smelled like poop, slippery walls to climb over while being sprayed by a fire fighting power hose, a snow making machine blowing in your face, a giant slide, and more mud. I am very sore. We ran in a last minute team with three very lovely Brazilians.
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Monday, September 20

Ever heard of the governer's gala?

Well I hadn't. APX gave Hyrum some extra ($500 a person) tickets to attend the black tie affair. Thanks APX for the $1000 date night! We enjoyed it.

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Saturday, September 4

A day at the park

Hyrum and I took Zoey to the park to celebrate my last day before school started. I will be gone all day everyday student teaching. After this semester I will finally be a college graduate! Zoey loved the swings and the snowies.
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