Thursday, March 4

She is all I blog about

But how can I not? Look at her!Above: This years swimming suit courtesy of Grandma Gray/Grandma Judy (I don't know which she prefers yet). Sooo cute!

Below: Grandma and aunt Barb shut your eyes and just keep scrolling....
Hyrum said Zoey cannot, will not, shall not, wear a bikini. So, here she is in the bikini she will not be wearing this summer in Georgia. -Oh, we're going to Atlanta this summer for APX.

Ready for church and sitting in a laundry basket. So stylish! (Bow was made by my friend Karissa. She makes the cutest baby stuff and sells them at her salon- "Salon K". (If you are looking for a hair stylist/waxer/micro, that is the place to go!)