Friday, April 30

Thanks for being You

This is my older, and extremely pretty sister. She is one of my best friends. I will miss her while I'm gone this summer. Sarah, thanks for teaching me so much about being a "fun" mom (she's a "fun" and wonderful mother). Thanks for letting me live with you for years. Thanks for letting me borrow all of your clothes. Thanks for raising Bently, he is the best puppy. Ella and Mattis are pretty great too. And most of all, thanks for going and getting me a sandwich from Kneaders today.

Hyrum is gone. Zoey is sick. Mommy is tired. Thank heavens for grandparents.

Sunday, April 25

Missing Hyrum

Hyrum left two days ago and has arrived safely in Atlanta. Zoey and I won't leave for another week or so (crummy finals/I'm terrified of planes). Hyrum does so much to help me with Zoey, and when he leaves I realize that even more. So, goodnight daddy/husband. Know that your girls are missing you like crazy.

Wednesday, April 21

2010 Graduate

Congratulations Hyrum!
Zoey and I think you are the greatest.

8 Months

She is now crawling. I'm a proud Mommy.

Monday, April 5


One of my best friends came in town to visit! Little Sawyer and Zoey are already best friends as well. Love you Whit and baby Sawyer. So glad we got to see you.
This has been me for the last 3 weeks...trying to write lesson plans with a baby on my lap. But, I successfully completed 3 weeks of teaching and now I have a full week of spring break! Bring on the homework and packing.