Sunday, December 14

"You are the best big brother in the world"

Seth came into town from Hawaii and this is what he did the entire time- played on his computer.
We wish he could come for Christmas. We love you!

O Christmas Tree

Hyrum assembled the Christmas tree, and I got to decorate it.

Monday, December 8

My mom

My mom had a stroke on Halloween. Next week she will have heart surgery to fix the hole in her heart. I love my mom so much. We are allergic to the same things, share the same dark circles under our eyes, have the same personality, have the same olive skin tone, and we even share our shoes (my mom has more shoes than anyone i've ever known. Some shoes are still in boxes-untouched and unworn. Her bad feet make her unable to wear all but two pairs lately). The only thing we don't share is her love of watching sports. Her and Hyrum often watch Jazz games together.

My siblings say she loves me the most...she smiles and says I am her baby.