Tuesday, January 25

Dear Daddy,

I miss you so much. I hardly even got a nap today and I am still being your happiest daughter. Now it is bath time and I wish you were here to sing me the rubber ducky song and lay me by the heater. Since your not here, I'll pour all the water out of the bath like you let me and watch mommy scramble to clean it up. It's so funny. And then I guess I'll watch Meet the Robinsons. I will give mommy a break and go to bed early, but I will be in your bed because mommy doesn't like to sleep alone. Come home soon.
Love, Zoey

Sunday, January 23

To uncle Seth

We love you. Xoxo mattis, ella, zoey
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Grandmas are the best.
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Saturday, January 22

Give away entry

No, I am not giving anything away, but entered to win some fabric from this amazingly cute blog: Lila Tueller Designs. Go look and enter too. (Or don't enter so my chances are higher, that's fine too).

Friday, January 14

my multi tasker

Doing her hair (or lack of) in the headband look while talking on the phone. You could say she learned this from her mama.
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Sunday, January 2

You are looking at a recent Cum Laude graduate in Elementary Education. Congrats to me...I did it!
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Christmas is my favorite time of the year. That is probably an understatement. I absolutely love Christmas, more than any other holiday OR birthday. Zoey's favorite gift was a toothbrush of her very own and the cute brown coat daddy gave her (pictured above, picked out solely by Hyrum..I have taught him well). We are now enjoying spending time together and watching Meet the Robinsons at least twice a day.
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