Thursday, November 12


Every time that Zoey and I take a nap together, she somehow ends up looking like she is going to fall of the couch/bed. Doesn't look safe, but I promise I have a good hold on her.

My happy baby.

My handsome man's haircut.

Life is good.

Sunday, November 1

Goodbye hair

Hyrum has been growing a mullet since July, and facial hair for a couple of weeks. I told him he could keep it until Halloween. The day finally came and went and today I got my handsome man's clean cut look back. Pictures to come...


Judy- cute witch, Lindsey- sexy pirate, Kyle- Joseph Smith (so funny), Zoey- mommy's little mummy, Hyrum- handsome Egyptian man, Aspen- sassy little lady bug, Myself- Cleopatra.

We went to a Halloween party at the Kellers cabin and it was so fun!

This couple dressed as trophy toppers. It was so clever.

Dave and Michaleen as John Smith and Pocahontas.

Dane and Stephanie as nerds.
Sorry other couples, I didn't get pictures of you guys. Thanks Kellers for a fun evening.

Remember this hat?

It fits her perfectly.