Tuesday, February 23

My pretty girl

She reads
She types
She eats
She's cute

Valentines Day

Hyrum surprised Zoey with a complete outfit compliments of Old Navy. He picked it out all by himself. He said that he got that specific outfit so our baby boys can wear it too. Oh, the joys of being married to an accountant. He did however, get me a gift card to Gap. I'm turning into "that mom" who has too much to do and not enough time to look good. New clothes will sure help.
Hyrum sure loves his girls!

Weekend at Sarah's

Hyrum went to install in Reno over the weekend, so Zoey and I spent a couple of days at aunt Sarah's. So fun.Zoey and Mattis are exactly five months apart and Mattis weighs exactly twice as much as Zoey.
I got to babysit the babies while Sarah and Greg went to the temple. They both cried for forty five minutes. Never again.
They are going to be best friends.

Sarah is such a good mom and aunt. I got nothing done over the weekend, except increasing my calorie intake.

Thursday, February 4

Resolutions? Smesolutions!

Resolution #1 (sleep in own bed)? Failed.
How to trick a little miss love out of sleeping in bed with her mommy and daddy? Put a crib mattress down next to mommy and daddy's mattress and surround her with pillows to resemble a mommy. (We are currently sleeping on a mattress only...box spring would not fit down the stairs of our new basement apt.) As of now she is sound asleep. I hope it lasts.

Daddy daughter mornings

Hyrum had to set the camera on a timer, run back to Zoey before she fell off her bumbo, put his arm around the bumbo to make it look like he was there all along, all before the flash went off.