Saturday, January 17

Ok Triana, just because I am bored

random-facts-about-me tag.


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1. When I was little I fell off a ski lift. Scariest moment I can remember in my life. I was in a purple one piece ski outfit and slid right off of the old two-seater Sundance ski lift. My dad caught my arm at the last second. I was hanging there and asked my dad if I was going to die. They stopped the lift and the only thing they could do was have my dad drop me down to a person who was supposed to catch me. Impossible to catch someone with skis on by the way. Thank you Sundance rescue crew, I did not get hurt.

2. My favorite thing to eat is wheat bread. I love wheat bread sandwiches, wheat bread toast, wheat bread plain, anything wheat bread.

3. I think the worst thing in the world is flying on planes. I am scared to death of them.

4. My dream in life is to be able to play the piano, yet I've never taken a lesson.

5. I can find a reason to cry while watching most every movie.

6. Hyrum claims I only get sick in the morning, and at night...when he is around. Who says you can't milk the first pregnancy? (Or all pregnancies! Men just do not understand what we go through!)

I tag Linds Stewart, Aunt Barb, sister Kathi, Bobbi, Linds Clyde, and Marie Green

Thursday, January 15


Is it too soon to put a baby count-down on my blog?