Friday, July 15

Zoey June

 I have never done an update on Zoey and all of her many accomplishments in her life thus far. So, I thought I would for memories sake.
Where to start....
She is just a little itty bitty thing. She is almost two and only weighs about 22 pounds. That is why her grandpa calls her Peanut.
She is often called a "spit fire child" by those who meet her. She goes and goes and goes and hardly stops talking. We don't know where she got this from since Hyrum and I aren't even as talkative as she is.
I think she is pretty advanced for her age (doesn't every parent think that?), but she really is.
I don't think that her dad loves anything more than her (maybe he loves me the most). They play and play and she loves him more than me I'm sure of it.
She is as tan as I am. She has very good skin if I do say so myself.
She still does not have much hair, and what she has of it is getting lighter everytime we go in the sun. She started out with my color and now it's the exact color of Hyrum's. But, she still looks almost exactly like me.
Fruit snacks are her favorite treat. She calls them "numa numas" and would choose them over cookies even.
She insists on only wearing "pretties" (dresses) and her purple crocs. I didn't know choosing her own outfits would start so early.
She is our world and we love her.