Wednesday, November 23

Having cousins is so fun. Zoey loves to play with mattis.

Happy thanksgiving, tomorrow. I will be enjoying kneaders pies.

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Tuesday, November 15

Mommy smells

This cute girl and her daddy have the flu. I have been covered in throw up all day and I'm on my 4th load of throw up laundry.

And you know what, I couldn't be happier to take care of my family. Now that is true motherhood at its finest. (Really hoping I don't get it though)

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Sunday, November 13

They grow up too fast

I want to cuddle her in my bed for the rest of my life. Some people say co sleeping is unhealthy. I think it's wonderful. She doesn't sleep with us all the time, but when she does I love it. She will only be this little once.

To my zoey june bug, I love you and your night time face.

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Wednesday, November 2

Happy halloween

Hyrum carved that pumpkin just for me! Isn't it cool?

We had a fun halloween taking zoey trick or treating with her friend pax. She got a lot of candy which is now hidden on a shelf.

Halloween is sure a lot more fun with zoey.

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