Monday, June 16

We did it!

We are now sealed for time and all eternity! The sealing was perfect, along with the luncheon and reception.. (if I can call it that, it was more of a party). The honeymoon was so fun, but we would probably not recommend Aruba to anyone wanting a non-stop excitement vacation. The beach is beautiful, but step foot across the street from the hotel and you are in a desert land. Iguanas that are not fun to look at while they are under your lay out chair are everywhere. And not to mention ugly cactus and flying dust particles constantly blowing in the hot wind. And I hate to say that the cab drivers, hotel staff, and locals were not the friendliest of islanders. But, we were lucky to have such an experience and to get away from real life for a week. And we brought back great tans. We are happy to be home to our little yellow house in Provo. We've had a wonderful start to a very wonderful life to come together.