Saturday, March 10


Thanks Greg Deakins for the fun photo shoot. My girls are pretty little things.
Darcy's colic is still there. The dr. says I only have about a month or so until it's gone! I'm hanging in there. Darcy still is a sweet sweet baby and sleeps really well. Zoey is as vibrant as ever. Hardly any naps and lots of screaming. Age two is an adventure. 


Mckenzie Evans said...

Your girls are beautiful Courtney! I can't get over Darcy's beautiful blue eyes. I hear you on the screaming two year olds. They are fun as ever, but it's sure nice when they go to sleep at night. :)

Jessie Evans said...

Adorable! Your girls are just perfect, I can't believe I haven't had a chance to meet and hold that darling Darcy yet. We must fix this problem soon!