Monday, May 31

One step at a time

Zoey is asleep, this very minute, in her OWN bed. How did I do it you might ask? I got in there with her until she fell asleep. Comfortable? No. Crazy? Maybe. Worth it? Yes!

Sunday, May 30

Thanks for the photo Jenny
On Friday, all the wives went into Atlanta to go to the mall. This mall was thirty minutes away! How blessed (...?) are we to have a mall in walking distance in Provo? Very. The mall is where my sisters/mom and I go to relax (...?). We spend quality time as a family doing what we do best, getting a Nordstrom shake and picking through items to get the best discounted apparel. I miss my sisters and mom.

Friday, May 28

Zoey update for the grandmas (oh, and Sarah)

Zoey still thinks her daddy is the greatest.
She cries when I try to take her out of the bath.

She sits like this in the cart every single time I put her in one.

I attended relief society on Wednesday night, and Zoey had her first play time/babysitting time in the nursery. It was very hard on both of us (moreso just me). I only went in there four times before I claimed she needed to eat and took her out. I'll work up to having her in there for the full forty five minutes.

She is still sleeping in our bed. The pack n play didn't work out. She got a scared look on her face when I tried to put her in it and said "mum mum mum". It was very traumatic for us. Maybe when she gets older.


I bought Zoey her first doll from Wal Mart. We have named her "Dolly". Every time Zoey sees "Dolly" she does this high pitched, strung out squeal then opens her mouth and tries to put "Dolly's" head inside. Who knew $5 could cause so much excitement and entertainment.

Meet Dolly. (She's really some sort of butterfly.)

It was one of my best friend's birthdays the other day, she turned 4. I made her an apron to wear when she plays in her sand box. This is the second thing I have ever really made myself on a sewing machine.
Happy birthday Ella! I wish I could have been at your princess party.

Friday, May 14

She may be bald, but she does have pink toenails! Lucky girl!

Swim days

She stands!

Mother's Day

My husband is the best. He got us a set of electric toothbrushes. I use my sister's whenever I am at her house (with my own head of course). He thought that was kind of gross and thought I should have my very own. Thanks love!

Dear Zoey,
Thanks for making me a mom. I get a full day of recognition because I gave birth to you (and it was so easy, really). And I get presents. Thanks for being so perfect; being a mom to you is a breeze. Love you!
Love, "mum mum mum" (she says mum mum mum when she wants me/wants to eat)

Dear Mom,
Thanks for teaching me all I need to know about being a great mother. I hope I can be as great as you are. You're wonderful, smart, beautiful, and have extremely nice skin. I love you.
Love, your baby

Dear Mom-in-law,
Thanks for raising an amazing son who is an amazing husband and dad. I am so lucky to have you as my Mother-in-law.
Love, Courtney

Tuesday, May 11

My Georgia dream home.
In the room to the left they were having a luncheon with guests and servants. What else would you expect in a house like that? We had to stop and take a picture.

Sunday, May 9

I take that back

Sick baby + sick Mommy on Mother's Day = not many smiles.

Saturday, May 8

Welcome to Atlanta

Up all night with a vomiting baby. Spent hours at the insta-care this morning. The summer is looking bright, Zoey is still smiling.

Wednesday, May 5

Hello Atlanta Georgia

Goodbye unpredictable weather. Thanks for not letting me enjoy you.

Goodbye grandma and grandpa. Thanks for letting us stay over.

Goodbye Summer Sno shack that I never got to visit. Thanks for not being open yet.

Hello humid, hot sunshine. Oh, how I've missed you.

Hello relaxing everyday. Oh, how I've missed you.

Hello hot daddy/eternal companion of mine. Oh, oh, oh, how I have missed you.